Blockchain and Cryptocurr...

Total Content Available: 66.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 2.0
Cryptocurrency involves much more than just bitcoin – the blockchain technology powering these burgeoning currencies has the potential to disrupt traditional accounting and banking standards. Understa...
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ChatGPT & Artificial ...

Total Content Available: 30.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 6.0
The use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools is transforming the way we do business. This webinar series aims to help accounting professionals understand how to use AI tools as a way to save time, im...
Seriessquare ai Check-In

Total Content Available: 7.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 7.0
Here at, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date in the accounting profession. We created our Check-In to supplement your CPE requirements and stay ahead of the curve.Check-I...
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Culture, Diversity, and I...

Total Content Available: 116.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 3.0 proudly offers courses that encourage the personal growth and professional development of practitioners in all walks of life. This series encompasses classes that promote wellness, incl...
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Estate Planning

Total Content Available: 137.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 9.5
Helping your clients plan for their financial future can be difficult on both a practical and personal level.This course series aims to help tax professionals navigate the often difficult process of e...
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Total Content Available: 20.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 4.0
Microsoft Excel is widely used and not widely understood. Our course offerings are for the accounting professional looking to dive deeper into the time-saving and robust secrets of this powerful accou...
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International Focus

Total Content Available: 144.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 7.5 aims to support tax professionals around the world. The courses in our international series cover topics from international accounting practices to global tax laws and standards....
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IRS Classes

Total Content Available: 13.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 6.5
The webinars in the IRS series on aim to inform and prepare those in the accounting profession with critical information directly from the IRS. A strategic goal set forth by the IRS is ...
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Total Content Available: 73.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 16.0
Teamwork is crucial in every field, but every team needs direction.This webinar series is for all professionals looking to improve their leadership skills as well as understand how to work within grou...
Seriesbanner leadership