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Share QuickBooks Company Files Hassle Free With Qbox

Qbox allows users to share and collaborate on QuickBooks Desktop files remotely, featuring file locks to ensure changes you make are protected, history tracking and rollback features.


Collaborate Securely

Share QuickBooks, Word, Excel, PDF files with Team Members, Accountants, and Clients over the Internet hassle free. Lock file and sync changes automatically.

Qbox Explorer

Access all files conveniently using the Qbox Explorer installed on your Windows Desktop. Easily view file lock and synced information. Change Qbox Settings.

Versioning and Rollback

View history of files and roll back to one of 20 versions stored in the Qbox cloud server to recover from errors. Restore deleted files for a period of 30 days .

Bank Level Security

Data files are synced over 256-bit SSL encrypted links and stored on Amazon AWS data storage securely. Protect your account with multi-factor authentication.

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Who Is Qbox For?

Business Owners Sharing with Staff and Bookkeepers

If you are only sharing your files internally with your staff and selected external users, we recommend you create one folder. All shared users have access to the files within the folder. If you would like to restrict user access for some files, then you will need to create a separate folder to share these files.


Finance Professionals Sharing with Clients

If you are a financial professional with multiple clients, we recommend you create separate folders for each client, and share the folder with users in the client’s office. One client will not have access to the contents of the folder shared with another client. You and your team members will have access to all the folders in your account.


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Company Basil, by CoralTree
Intended Audience CPA - small firm
CPA - medium firm
CPA - large firm
Enrolled Agent

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Basil, by CoralTree
(408) 215-1441

CoralTree makes innovative and user-friendly collaboration products that are designed to help teams work together more efficiently. We focus on bringing enterprise-grade technologies to the business world. Whether you are a small startup with big dreams or an established business, our goal is to help you thrive.

Our customers include accountants, bookkeepers, CPA's, tax professionals and a wide variety of small business owners. Our product suite includes customized tools for every market segment we serve. We take pride in making user-friendly products that bring a human touch to cloud collaboration.