Tiffany Davis

Washington Accounting Services Inc.
CEO & Founder of Washington Accounting Service

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Before establishing Washington Accounting Services Inc., Tiffany W. Davis, P.A., MSM, has worked in several industries such as construction, environmental, non-profit, retail, financial investment, mortgage, and banking. Mrs. Davis has a wide range of experience within the accounting industry both within the for profit and not-for-profit sectors. For over 17 years, Washington Accounting Services Inc. has been specializing in assisting business owners and individuals in financial matters ranging from tax planning and budgeting to payroll and CFO services. This includes training and managing business accounting staff and entrepreneurs on internal controls, accounting software, records management, tax implications and general business planning.In addition, Mrs. Davis was invited to the White House to meet with President Barack Obama in reference to a small business briefing on healthcare and small business tax related issues. Mrs. Davis has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Self-Employed Magazine, and in numerous newspaper articles, blogs, and radio shows for her business and tax expertise. Mrs. Davis participates in various community outreach programs, including preparing and facilitating financial seminars on tax and business planning topics by invitation from several organizations.  In addition, Mrs. Davis is a current Advisory Council Member and Ambassador for Ignition and also serves on the Comptroller of Maryland’s Tax Practitioners Advisory Work Group where she advises the Comptroller of Maryland on challenges facing the industry and provides feedback on proposals and new initiatives to improve the quality of services provided to Maryland taxpayers and ensure industry accountability.

About Us: Washington Accounting Services Inc. looks at your finances as a whole with radical transparency. We look at your life, business, and regulatory requirements to reduce your tax liability in addition to providing CFO services to acquire accurate financial information. This allows you to make strategic and informed decisions in reducing your taxes and further investing in a more stable financial future.