Rizek Housari

Divergent Wealth
Wealth Advisor
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Growing up in Arizona, Rizek worked for his father through the summer heat in the mechanic shop. It was there that he developed a deep appreciation for hard work and client service. Rizek believes in the importance of living frugally and saving for the future, the foundation of prudent living and investing. While he was working under that hot desert sun, he realized he needed to pursue a valuable education.

Early in life, Rizek discovered his love for teaching and helping individuals succeed. This desire to learn and teach others motivated him to attend Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. 

While at BYU, Rizek became interested in accounting and personal finance, eventually receiving a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting. He began investing for the first time in college and quickly became excited about the idea that money could work for him. He began his career with KPMG on the Deal Advisory team in San Francisco and Denver. While at KPMG, Rizek became a CPA and gained a strong financial background.

When Rizek is not dreaming about financial planning, you can find him on the river fly fishing. He believes that being outside with his adventurous wife, Emma, makes life exciting. They love to fish, ski, cycle, and sing Disney songs together. 

About Us:

Divergent Wealth Advisors is a Family "Chief Financial Officer," a Wealth Planner, a Financial Adviser, a Portfolio Manager, an Estate Planning Adviser, and a Tax Strategist, all under the same roof. 

Divergent Wealth Advisors is a long-term financial partner who can serve generations of a family and can simplify complicated things, playing the role of an educator and an adviser.