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Bubbles and Busts: Lessons from History and How to Protect Your Portfolio


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Presentation Length 1.5 hours

Recorded DateMay 9, 2024
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Subject AreaSpecialized Knowledge
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

Is this unprecedented surge in stock prices, especially among the titan tech stocks, too good to be true? And if it is, how can one avoid the irrational fervor and evade the lurking danger of asset bubbles destined to implode?

Join this webinar for a historical study focusing on past market bubbles and the inevitable busts, when prices fall hard and fast as the bubble “pops.” This webinar will seek to identify the common characteristics of historic bubbles that go back to the first on record, the Tulip Bubble of the 17th century, and answer the following questions:

  • What can we learn from history about the psychology behind market bubbles?

  • What causes people to be willing to pay more and more for a security or asset above and beyond what’s expected based on things like demand, earnings, revenue or growth potential?

  • Whether you call it the crowd mentality, herd bias, the bandwagon effect or FOMO, is it possible to identify the inflection point and harvest profits before the crash?

  • Are you falling into this self-perpetuating cycle where you are investing just because prices are continuously increasing without regard to the fundamental value of what you own?

  • What characteristics does today’s exuberance have, if any, to past bubbles?

You might find yourself inadvertently caught in a bubble, and understanding the phases, causes, and history of bubbles can greatly aid in shielding yourself from their financial devastation. This awareness becomes particularly crucial for individuals nearing retirement, as it helps safeguard their nest egg from significant losses that might jeopardize their long-term financial well-being.

This webinar's presenter, Terri McGray, CFP®, AIF®, has been a market analyst and portfolio manager for over thirty five years. She has navigated retirees through several economic booms and busts, including some of the largest bubbles and busts on record. She understands how to safeguard retirement portfolios, which involves a combination of prudent investment strategies and risk management techniques and will share her knowledge in this informative webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify characteristics of a bubble

  • List factors that may propel asset prices outside of normal indicators

  • Recognize trappings of spending habits surrounding bubbles and increasing prices

  • Evaluate how awareness of bubbles and certain trends are crucial for those nearing retirement

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Terri McGray is the founder and president of Longevity Capital Management LLC, a professional wealth management and retirement planning consulting firm that helps business owners and individuals work towards a successful retirement.

She has developed a unique retirement readiness program for employers seeking to increase financial literacy in the workforce and drive results with their 401(k).

Her expertise with plan design, ERISA law, internal controls, and investment management enables businesses to outsource their plan workload and engage a co-fiduciary to reduce their liability.

Mrs. McGray is a champion of retirement readiness and public speaker, speaking passionately about our national retirement crisis and the importance of good 401(k) stewardship. Some of the conferences she has spoken at include LA Accounting & Finance Show 2019, CA HR Professional Conference 2019, Professionals in Human Resources Local Chapters, Cal Lutheran University.

About Our Presenter

Longevity Capital Management LLC is an independent financial services firm built on over thirty years of experience helping individuals, families and business owners prepare for retirement and manage their financial future. Their advisors are seasoned specialists providing comprehensive asset management and financial services. If you have a specific service you need, including a second opinion or review of your current plan, they can provide a la carte services, as well.

Their mission is to create strong client relationships that stand the test of time, make a difference in their client’s lives and provide independent ideas.